Usage of the contraction of 'o' and 'e' in French.
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Author:  mcmichel [ Fri May 08, 2015 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Usage of the contraction of 'o' and 'e' in French.


In my opinion, there should be a rule prohibiting the usage of the contracted form of 'o' and 'e' in the French transcription of AG.

œ is ebcdic '140' or 8C or 2C.

If you search for 'Soeur, Marie' which has been transcripted as 'Sœur, Marie', you won't find the record.

It's the same for surnames like Contrecœur, Jolicœur and others.

Besides, the French edition of the rolldown menu of AG translates 'Sister' to 'Sœur' rather than 'Soeur', which should be corrected.

From time to time, I see requests for corrections to the contracted form.

It seems that the same form of contraction would exist in old English.


Michel Dubois, Quebec City.

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